Friday, 5 April 2013

Complete Arshi FFs -2

Prinay  -Naach_basanti
Their story of love  -Maithly    
Dante's labyrinth  -Rockbarbie        
A new khushi  -Ssyahoo           
Love and us  -Camlin         
Aap wohi ho na?!  -heckwidif
Cloaked murderer  -Nightingale
Brewing up  -Anupama
Love Me, Hate Me  -Chibisuke
Sexchange Offer  -Chibisuke
Seven sins series  -Mints23
Between two strangers  -Deepthiya
The dawn of the dawn  -Deepthiya  
Arnav ki khushi  -Kuts 
True love is eternal - Kashishk        
His smiling girl - Smitar     
Living without you - Smitar 
Keeping khushi - smitar 
Burning in ur love  -Smitar   
Marrying Khushi  -Smitar
A baby for my di - Fazila
The reason is you - Farah53
Something about u  -Farah53
Unwished dreams - Flamingsoflove
Love in 7 days - Smileformeester 
Love for hire - NehAditya8791  
bachpan ka pyar - Freezie 
The bet - Aminta13
Fan the flames - Sarunfanatic_ji
I bet i love u - Morning_star
Love at lucknow station - Morning_star
You 'n' I Together    -Morning_star
Pregnancy jitters - Aquabluez17
Pregnancy blues - Napstermonster
Unbreakable bond - Merrydock
New beginning - Nj123
Lovely stranger - Nj123
Everything lost - Msdramaqueen
Hamesha tumko chaha - AngelTeen
Inspiration - Winiwonka
Tell me about ur past - Winiwonka
Love in Delhi University   -Winiwonka
Saansein - Scorpiansavenge
A new life - Afya
Marry me - Afya
Not meant to be - Psarada
Your just a cannible - Throughmirrors
Suicide attempt - Carabelli5
With or without u - Rushtrip
One fine day - Raisin
Justice comes at a price - Tennismaniac19
Walking on sunshine  -Tennismaniac19
road to redemption - Londonchick
Sweet punishment   -Srilu_123
Your love broke me   -Shikhakhushi
Tied to u    -Shikhakhushi
Blinded in kargil  -Shikhakhushi
Blinded in love  -Shikhakhushi
Beauty and the beast  -Shikhakhushi
Learning the alphabet  -Shikhakhushi
Differences between Us  -Shikhakhushi
Forced marriage   -The-Crazy-girl
My facebook crush  -Lazybeanss
Vertigo  -Thyme
Puppy love  -Amri174
Queen of my heart   -Arnav.khushi
Fine one day  -Scrittore
Never too late  -Dynamix215
Fading away  -N.Mussarrat
My one and only  -Cpervaiz
Fast forward  -Tia.o
The secret diaries  -Anarocksick
Its complicated  -Anarocksick  
Anything but love   -Lavanya
The heart knows  -Adventure_roks
Me & My ASR    -Harhem     
Just Remained Memories  -Electic_BuBBle
For u i hurt my love  -Jyo.Arsi.IPK
Our 9 months    -Jyo.arshi.IPK
Khamoshiyan - mints 
Unspoken  -Luvarnavkhushi
A dark love story  -DUGGUlicious                                    
After 6 years  -Natasha333
Love Never Changes -Natasha333
Love Sacrifices -Natasha333
The broken bed  -wiwy
Shocked  -Sheema parveen
Touch me  -aayesha
meet the parents  -aayesha
Ending thru our eyes  -avni_barun
The truth   -Avni_barun
Ek prem kahani  -Manreet_gill   
Moments of a Lifetime  -Manreet 
Haunted Villa -ambishika              
Dark Night -ambishika                 
You Are Arnav's Khushi -jenji08   
Dark dreams  -jeni08             
A Fleeting Glance  -Sweet_Ashum          
Saansein  -scorpionsavenge       
Entwined  -dedeepyalove     
Beyond words  -aquagal 
Yes boss   -aquagal  
Yes Boss  -aquagal     
New start plz  -Afghangrl  
outburst  -simmi-arshi    
Complexity  -Sobi- 
Your eyes My world  -Arnshi   
Renaissance  -Chaverah_TFC  
The ray of dawn  -Chaverah_TFC     
Grumpy Mrs. Raizada  -Flutterlashes    
My perfect suitor   _Rashmi      
What to believe   -Khushiforever    
love like woe   -dj_arshifan  
Hold me tight  -Aashi_buddylist  
Dewdrops  -Dreamymaya    
Agar tum mil jao   -Zanadi  
High school love  -Bumblebee 
Bookstore  -Gazal    
Khushi's New Husband  -Marybarton     
Issaq tera  -starsarun       
Falling in love with U  -Naina    
Honeymoon in the haunted mansion  -Veggie                                        
Lessons in love  -jagrutid
Maid,Mistress and Mrs  -jagrutid
True Love  -joe4joe
Heart breaker  -tintin_ruble
Entrapment  -tintin_ruble
Bewitched  -tintin_ruble
Payback  -tintin_ruble
That one mistake   -NickySweet
Dawn Noon and Dusk  -AquaSandhya
Lets fall in love  -Pinkyonly 


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  3. thank dear. that is so nice of you.